Thursday, July 31, 2008

Penrhyn to Manihiki

After a tearful goodbye Tuesday night, we are now over half way to the next short stop.

Trinda and I went hunting for varo with Alex's kids. We got 4, a couple small and a couple larger. I didn't try to actually catch one, but watched closely as Ed did. I think I could do it now if I needed to. It is somewhat dangerous as the claws, remember it is called a mantis shrimp after the way its claws are shaped, are very sharp and are slightly barbed and don't come out without tearing the flesh. You hold a fish over its hole and when he claws the fish you catch [his claws with your fingers
and pull him out of the hole. Easier said than done.

We will sure miss Alex, Christine and their kids! They took us in as part of the family, fed us and entertained us.

Almost there 7:30PM. Should see it on radar by midnight and be able to anchor at sunup. I couldn't get the radio to connect earlier.

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