Friday, July 11, 2008

Back on the air

I found a cable/adapter. I have e-mail again! I had a USB/serial adapter on the GPS cable that I had forgotten about.

We arrived Penrhyn OK, about 7 AM. Got here on Sunday morning. We thought we might have a problem, but they said "No problem! Come on in and anchor in the lagoon about 3 PM." We did and they waited to come out and check us in Monday morning. We got water made and some laundry done waiting for them. And plenty of rest. Most places want to check us in before we get to rest from the trip. So it was nice for a change.

They all seem glad to see us. Trinda brought stuff for Alex and Christine and their daughter, the island baker.

The Kwai came yesterday too and there is one other boat. We are only the 3rd and fourth boats this season. They wonder where all the boats are.

The Queen's Representative is here today to give an award from the Queen of England to Christine's father. There has been lots of kids dancing and music and kaikais (feast in the maneaba). Having fun in the good weather.

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