Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back to Omoka, Penrhyn

After a wonderful week at Tautua Village we came back to the first village here at Penrhyn for Trinda's birthday. Alex and Christine made a dinner party for Trinda. Varo (mantis shrimp), crayfish (spiny lobster), raw fish, bar-b-que fish, baked fish, rice, pan bread (coconut, flour, sugar like pancakes), chocolate cake and some kind of pudding. Each of the older kids made their favorite dish. Not to mention a bottle of coconut rum and a little Jim Beam for us. They made us matching tropical shirts
and they made Trinda a traditional hat, green and white straw with 3 big flowers. Beautiful! They sang a couple of happy Birthday songs and a gospel song, "You're Special in the Eyes of Jesus". With 13 kids it sounded like a quior.

Before we left Tautua, they gave us (mostly Trinda's birthday) lays, a hat band with 3 of the woven flowers, a fan, necklace, bottle of wine and more. Fresh bok choy and a chunk of tuna.

We feel so special here, like we are part of this great extended family. Not every yacht that comes to Penrhyn gets this special treatment.

We are going net fishing this morning with Alex and his kids.

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