Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day 5 and 6

90 miles to go.
The wind came up and the sea got a little bouncy, too bouncy to sit up front and type a letter. We did make good time though, 148 mile day yesterday. That's close to our record, just over 6 knots for a 24 hour average. We've slowed a bit this afternoon though. We should be there some time in the morning.

Just great! They got mad at us for leaving on a "Sunday" and here we show up again on Sunday! Oh well, they'll get over it. Maybe this way we can just anchor outside for the day and catch up on some rest and chores.

We are half out of water, and I think maybe the reason the water maker broke is that it sucked too much air from making water under sail in a rough sea,on this same tack from Hawaii. So I decided not to make any water till we get there or go on the other tack so the intake is on the downhill side.

Still not fishing. I don't know why, we just aren't.

I made beef and broccoli stir-fry last night. As usual I forgot to start the rice till it was almost too late, then Trinda had said she cut up all the stuff but the onion. I looked in the fridge and saw a baggie of broccoli and thought that was all. I missed the stems so it was a 'light' meal. It was good anyway.. We had some fresh ginger for it so that helped.

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