Sunday, July 20, 2008

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I did go lobster hunting. The tide was wrong. We walked about a mile in the rocky surf, in the dark, tripping over coral for about 2 hours. "Excellent exercise", they said! My legs are sore and my ankles are scratched up and I hurt all over. I missed one, but they caught it OK. We only saw 4 or 5. They speared some fish and found a few crabs. Not dongenes, but nice sized! The full moon came up about the time my flash light went flat. The walk back to the boat wasn't too bad.

This morning we went back to Banapa's house, had breakfast then off to church. The singing was nice. I recorded the whole hour of service and will send it or post it when I can. It was almost all in Marui, the Cook Islands native tongue. Just the welcome to "Our English speaking Friends" in English.

There was no lightening, Trinda made it in and out OK!

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