Thursday, July 10, 2008

Penrhyn Arrival

We arrived at Penrhyn Island, Northern Cooks about 8:00AM today, Sunday July 6. All is well.

I think that's right at 6 days. All this International Date Line crossing confuses me. Oh well, should be OK for a few months, till we head back up to Tarawa.

Alex and Christine remembered us. They called on the radio just as we anchored. They said it would be fine to come on inside the lagoon and anchor, even though it is Sunday. Only leaving on Sunday is bad.

We are glad to be anchored again. It is a little rocky in here, with a 20 knot wind and 5 miles of fetch. We made water to fill both tanks full. We still had over 50 gallons in the second tank. We seem to unconsciously go on rationing as soon as the first tank runs out.

Our initial plan is to stay about a week. We saw another sail boat arrive outside just as we were dodging coral heads on our way in. They haven't answered the radio yet and we can't see them from inside, but I suppose they are still out there somewhere.

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