Sunday, November 6, 2011

Backwards and T-shirts

I usually write a note here then Facebook picks it up. Today I uploaded the pictures to facebook first.

So I'm all backwards today.

Servers me right I guess. We installed the new(ish) wind generator on the new bracket on the mizzen mast. I decided it was too flimsy and took it back down. Not sure how long it will take to replace it. Or even if I'll replace it yet. There is a severe shortage of welders here capable of aluminum.

I have needed lots of rags with all the cleaning and painting. At the paint store, they sometimes have rags, but they are generally not good for painting. Mostly tiny scraps of 100% polyester sewed into a pot lifter shape. So I bought cheap T-shirts at the used clothing shops. Trouble was the 25 cent shirts were preferable to what the guys were working in, so I'd buy 10 and get to use 5. This happened some. So Trinda noticed a sale on new T-shirts at the local dept store and bought them all one to take home.

Lyndon, Chris, Mike, Louie, April, Rico, Me, Don-don and Rene
You can zoom the picture to read most of them.

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