Saturday, October 22, 2011

Deck Paint and Non-Skid

We are getting closer every day. This week we painted the deck. First sprayed all the areas without a non-skid coating for 3 coats. Then masked it off and rolled on a coat in the non-skid areas. Next rolled and sprinkled grit in the wet paint. And last (almost) rolled a last coat over the grit.

There was a little confusion and a final spray finish on the parts that needed it.

Ready for the non-skid
Rico and Louie doing the really agressive non-skid around the main mast.
Its beginning to look white!
More grit in the paint.
Louie and some Ninjas.
Rico and a couple more Ninjas.
This Ninja mask, hahaha is a T-shirt over the head, looking out the neck hole and sleeves tied behind. The whole idea is to keep sun, dirt and paint off the head. It does make it hard to recognize Lyndon, Don-don and Randy though. They are a little more camera shy than Louie and Rico, who jerk their Ninja costume off when they see the camera! Ha!

Trinda is making chocolate chip cookies today. We are planning to make pizza this afternoon too. Meredith, our neighbor from the apartment may come to visit this afternoon too.

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