Friday, November 18, 2011

Camotes Trip Summary

I posted the photos I took on Facebook. Meredith posted hers too and I shared them too. I think April will upload her photos too. I will share them through Facebook too.

So here is the summary that should have accompanied the pictures.

We moved the Katie Lee out of Pepe's yard about 1:30 Friday cause the tide has been really low during the day lately. As it was, even at high tide, we caught one of the lines in the prop. The boys had to dive under and untangle it. The lines hold each boat in its place next to the ramps.

We spent the evening cooking, cleaning and getting ready. About 7 AM I started ferrying the guy out. and we left by 8. Only a slight breeze on the nose (as always!) so we motored across to the islands. The new GPS says 17.5 miles overand motoring only 5 knots took all morning. A half hour of hunting an anchorage that I thought I knew where was found us over a quarter mile off the beach.

As soon as the boat was secure, the guys started questioning the local fishermen about a fish. I had a little trouble following. Soon they wanted to take the dinghy. Off they went and followed a fisherman to the beach up a ways.Edith, April and Trinda, having just sorta recovered from the "sea passage", began cooking rice and lumpia (a pork spring roll). The guys came back and said they had arranged a grilled fish and we should eat it on the beach so the girls could enjoy the solid ground under their feet at least while they ate. It seemed to take forever, but we got everyone on the grassy ares just up the beach.

Part of the reason it took so long was the dinghy. It has been mostly idle for these 6 months. It hasd gotten water in the fuel a few times so I had cleaned and re-caulked the fittings on the tank. It is still hard to start. A couple of the boys were trying to bring the dinghy back and gave up starting it. They rowed the quarter mile back out to us. They took turns counting out 100 strokes each before switching places and doing it again. Turns out the "new in Majuro" safety kill switch had failed and basically turned the motor off! I opened the top and disconnected a wire. Closed it up and it started on the second pull. They wished they knew how to do that!

A few beers and Tanduay Ice and the fish arrived and disappeared before anyone got out a camera. Thus the photos of the bones. And a few creative photos as well. The fish turned out to be Trinda and my favorite, darado or mahi-mahi. It was cooked perfectly and was so good that we unanimously voted to go negotiate the other half for a late night snack. That took until dark and low tide, so the trip back out to the boat was slow over a very shallow reef.

The wind came up during the night and made the anchorage a little rolly. April, Edith and son Merjohn  in the V-birth had a little trouble sleeping. But the boys were fine. They had tried gallantly to finish the beer that Jimmy and Trinda had acquired for the trip. Rumor was one was "pole dancing" on the staysail around 2AM.

We moved the boat around to the NW point of the island where there is a tiny off-shore island for protection from the waves. Again the guys took off in the dinghy to explore some. We got the dive-board out and when the got back most of us took a turn diving behind the dinghy. As usual it was enjoyed.

Trinda got out some balloons for Merjohn. Naturally soon one was floating toward the main shore where several islander kids raced after it. The guys got into the swing of that quickly enough. soon most of the balloons were gone and the kids on shore had one each. Several swm out toeward the boat to get one. Some even got tehir father to come in hei canoe to get one ahead of the others.

Later I found that the guys had put a few pesos in some of the balloons for the kids. They really are a pretty good bunch of boys.

We had to leave by 1 PM to get back to Carmen and DryDock before dark. We let loose the mooring ball and headed home. A nice breeze was still blowing, on the beam this time. So up with the sails and off with the motor! We sailed at 6 to 6.5 knots all the way back. So they did all get to see the sails up and experience the smoother ride of sailing vs motoring.

I think we all had a good time.

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