Thursday, November 24, 2011

Started Cruising Again

We left Carmen and Drydock yesterday morning.
The wind is right on the nose for the first leg. We thought we could make the 45 miles to Malapascua Island. By noon it was obvious that we wouldn't make it before dark so we tried the main channel at Bogo still on Cebu island.

We motor sail into the channel and took a small side channel just a little ways. It looked 1/4 mile wide and enough swing room. The bottom turned out to be sand and mud. But the holding was POOR! We drug the anchor 3 times. Once while setting the first time, then during the middle of supper a big squall came up. Lots of rain and wind to maybe 30. It was still light, but couldn't see much for the rain. We managed to move back to where we were at first by guess and watching the GPS/depth finder.

Then again about 12:30 the wind came up again. The low water on the depth alarmed and we jumped to action again. Could see NOTHING this time, so guessed again and got back to about the same place. It held the rest of the night. Trinda sat up and made sure.

Off again this morning hoping that last 16 miles of the first leg go OK. At Malapascua the route turns westerly and should be downwind and we can sail.

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