Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Closer and Closer

Not finished yet! I first set the month I'd be finished, then the week and now the day. I have missed each by more than the unit of measure. At HP we used to say "if they said fall, expect it spring. If Aug, then Sep, and 3 weeks meant at least 4.

I told everyone we were going to the Comotes Thurs, but now it looks more like Saturday. 3 of the 4 sails on, but the mizzen needs a special shackle that I don't have. Genoa to go up in the morning.

Looking from the 'gang plank', its looking white!
Trinda having a hard time getting off before I took her picture!
The deck is painted, the teak trim is polyurethane varnished and the topsides are waxed. Only one storage closet left to stow aboard and ready! Of course all my tools are mixed with 'their' tools so we'll have a tool sorting party tomorrow too. Still a few brass things below not re-installed and lots of Trinda's nets to keep things in their closets while sailing, but they will keep!

I noticed Trinda's treasure chest was not as shiny as the rest of the teak and asked. No they didn't spray the ultraviolet protective coat on it. Didn't realize it stayed outside. So while they painted some coats on it after quitting time, they installed the last outside fixture in between coats.
Lyndon, Don-don, Rico, Louie and Mike with a last minute fix. Off with the ninja masks in time for the second photo!

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