Monday, April 20, 2009

The Worst Weather Ever

Everyone always asks if we have ever been caught in a storm. We have in the PAST always said "No, we plan better than that!"

Well... not any more! It is only 60 miles between the passes of the two atolls. We left Aur in time to clear the pass before sunset, planning a nice comfortable beam reach back. The grib files all agreed we should see 15 to 20 from the NE all the way.

About 11PM the wind switched to the SE, right on the nose and came up to 35 to 40 knots! then the rain started. Then it got up to 45 for an hour or so then back to 40 for a couple more.

We made it though. Trinda got seasick again. Every thing is wet. We tore a small rip in the main sail. The sun protection on the staysail tore loose and the sheets chaffed nearly through. One of the wooden boat hook poles floated off once when we were heeled over too far during one of those gusts.

But we made it fine, boat didn't sink or even make us think it would.

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  1. Boy I am glad GLAD I was not on the boat for that trip! No wonder Trinda was sick. So happy you made it ok!! Sounds like you are having fun. Nice to have a dingy again!! Love you, Sherry