Friday, May 1, 2009

Constitution Day and

A few photos of the parade and fireworks:

I worked on the main web site for a couple of nights, and now the site, is back to normal with all the photos up until mid Feb 2009. I should send in another disk soon, so it isn't so much effort to update them. I have considered working to change the photo viewer but it is hard to get my mind wrapped around a programming project. It wouldn't be so bad it the internet was reliable. Lately the WiFi to the boat only stays connected for 5 minutes at a stretch, hiccups 30 seconds then on again. It makes all connection to the web go away and I have to login to the WiFi account again.

School is going OK. Two more week of classes then finals week. Since my classes are only pass/fail and not for credit, I have decided that they will do a final project. They will create a blog (like this one) and add things to it, based on what they should have learned. Should be interesting.

May Day here is Constitution Day for the The Republic of the Marshall Islands. They had a parade yesterday and lots of speeches. We took the dinghy (neat to have one that works again) across the lagoon to the start of the parade and watched it. It was different, no floats, few costumes or cars. Mostly the schools marched together with matching T-shirts. Several of the Government offices and a few business also marched with banners or matching T-shirts.

When we started back, the tide had gone out. When Trinda went down the steps from the restaurant the bottom landing, normally under water, was covered with moss. She slipped once again and landed on her butt! We thought she really hurt her knee this time. But this morning it seem sore but OK. It didn't twist it like normal, just falling bruised the muscles some. She felt well enough to venture out to find the Saturday morning fresh vegetable market with the neighbor.

We ordered some new sunbrella and it came. Trinda has been making new rain covers for the hatches and repairing the old covers and such. She intends to make a cover for the new dinghy so the sun won't damage it. Lots of projects.

I spent the morning changing the oil and fan belts on the generator/watermaker. Everything is such a project on the boat!

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