Friday, April 3, 2009

Still Here

It is difficult to keep up the blog when working at a daily routine. It seems that nothing worthy of note happens.

Trinda is feeling better most of the time. It seems that every Thursday (Ladies cards day at the restaurant)she feels bad Friday morning. This week she didn't eat or drink anything but ice water and still felt a little down. Maybe its the air conditioning. They keep it cold in there.

The new dinghy is on the ship due to arrive Thursday, container to unload Friday morning and be checked by Customs by noon, BUT no one knows it they believe in Good Friday!!! We had planned to get the dinghy and head up to the atoll of Aur for the week on Friday night. Well, 'the plans of mice and men'....

Teaching is still fun. They have nearly all sent e-mail now.

Trinda has been making 'flag pins' where you put red, white and blue beads on safety pins and hang the pins on another pin to look like a flag. She even tried the Marshal Islands flag too.

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