Thursday, March 27, 2008

We Have Cold Aboard

The new refrigeration has frost on the coils! And the thermometer says 60 inside and 75 outside in only 15 minutes, empty. Finally! About 6 hours this morning to install it. I still have a little cleanup to do, but there is beer getting cold (and cheese, cokes, salad dressing, ... etc.) We still have to complete re-finishing the door and install the new rubber gaskets around it. It will be several days before I can tell if all this was worth it, whether it uses less electricity or not!

We had supper with 3 generations of Godwin women last night when we went to pick up the parts. Cousin Andrea, hes daughter Naomi and granddaughter Ester. Nice hamburgers with sausage and fries at The Shack. We had a good visit too.

Yesterday I made a couple of trips to the fuel dock to re-fill our extra jugs with gasoline and diesel. Diesel was $4.09/gal but gas was $4.75/gal. I'm sure glad we have sails to use most of the way! I was thinking that was awful high, but I remember paying $6/gal at Christmas Island. Enjoy your cheep fuel wherever you are!

We are planning a last shopping trip tomorrow with Bold Spirit in a borrowed van. And to get our Exit Clearance papers(zarpa) from the United States. Then we'll be ready to leave Saturday morning.

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  1. Hi Larry and Trinda,

    Thanks for your advice on whether or not to sail to Fanning Island. You were right, any opinion on whether or not to make a passage is biased because the advice lies in the experience of the sailor you ask. In the end, I learned if there are any doubts beforehand about the captain or boat, don't go. We made it 37 miles out of Molokai in 12 hours of motoring with some sailing before he turned around thankfully realizing he was under-prepared before I had to tell him. I'll find my way to sailing the Pacific on another boat. Bon voyage to you today. Jon Wilson, Honolulu