Sunday, March 23, 2008

One More Delay

Well, I was afraid it might happen... while moving the evaporator around out of the way to put in the insulation I seem to have broken one of the tubes and let out the magic gas. I plugged in the fridge and nothing, 4 hours and no frost, net even cold. ARG.
We just ordered an complete new conversion package, compressor and evaporator. 2nd day UPS means Wed afternoon to Hawaii is the best they can do. so we won't be leaving Tuesday after all.

We had a real nice Easter dinner with Ted and Andrea, family and friends (13 at the table). Trinda made cheese logs and I made the 'uptown succotash' (leaks, asparagus and roasted corn stir fried), both were very well received.

I took the camera but forgot to get it out again! No photos! I must have cruise-heimers!

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