Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Honolulu Update - Deck and Fridge

I finally got around to starting to re-insulate the ice box. We can't afford a new compressor and evaporator so I am trying to add a few inches of insulation around the inside edges without damaging the pipes or coil. I'll try to do better about the photos and updates as I go.

Bold Spirit, Jeff and Kathi arrived yesterday with their daughter. We'll visit a little and do some joint shopping, but they aren't going to be ready to leave when we do. We are currently shooting for Mar 25th. I hope we can get ready by then. The guy next to us has offered to loan us his van for a CostCo run on Thursday, but we won't have a fridge to put anything in. Oh well, we can get the dry goods anyway.

Ted and Andrea, the cousins, have invited us to Easter dinner on Saturday. It sounds like it'll be fun. I am looking forward to it. Been thinking about offering to make the "uptown suckatash" for them. We'll see.

Finishing the deck. Here is the first coat of paint with the glass-bead non-skid. The second coat goes up to the blue line.

The bee hive kit. They are looking forward to us getting there and helping them set it up. I sure hope they know something about bees, cause I sure don't!

Working on the boat in paradise... we must be cruising. Those are the hotels and condos of Honolulu in the background. We actually have a fairly nice view.

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