Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oahu Update

We borrowed our cousins car, twice. We mostly shopped the first time. Finally got the rest of our West Marine order. The second time we took a scenic drive around the east side of the island and then visited the Arizona Memorial. Not a lot left to see of the ship at least when the water is not really clear.

The boat work is progressing, we have finished re-caulking 2/3 of the upper deck where we decided to keep some teak. Only the place around the mizzen mast to go. We are almost ready to paint the non-skid on the lower deck where we removed the teak. I re-sanded it this morning and need one more coat of fairing compound next.

I got the wood to make the bee hive for the folks on Fanning. I borrowed a table saw and cut all the pieces, but plan to assemble it when we get down there. It is a "Kenya Top Bar Hive" and is much simpler to construct than a conventional hive. I hope it works for them. This is what it should look like:

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