Friday, March 21, 2008

Boat Work and Provisioning

Can you believe $750 worth of groceries in one dinghy! That's a CostCo run with a Safeway stop on the way back. It doesn't look like so much cause there's 20lb each of cornmeal, rice and sugar (the flour and pasta were last week). Oh, and a few beers and some wine for us. Then there's the wine, rum and gin for our friends on their boat in Fanning.

The fridge is getting close to being re-insulated. I just have to wait 5 days for the epoxy to fully cure then wash it down with baking soda to get out the smell. Also have to find new gaskets for the doors. I still haven't tested the refrigeration unit to make sure I didn't kill it with all the bending of the tubes to get it out of the way while I worked.

Trinda refinished the sea chest. Looks real nice, almost too nice to put my old ropes back into it! I had to epoxy the corners back together and reseal the lid some, but she did all the rest.

The deck is finished!!! I took these at night so you wouldn't be reminded that we are just in front of these fabulous hotels. Ha! The paint does have just a little blue in it. It is supposed to help keep it cool. I already notice the difference walking on it. And the glass beads made a non-skid surface that seems just right so far....but we haven't left the dock yet, so I'm still hoping I like it later too.

We are looking at a Tuesday departure for Fanning. I hope we can get every thing put away and finished.

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