Friday, August 10, 2007


We anchored outside the pass to the lagoon for 2 nights. We were tired and the sun was the wrong angle to see the coral heads under the water, so we waited. Then Bold Spirit, called and was working on their engine so we waited outside in case they needed help anchoring if their engine was not back together by the time they arrived. It was, so all was OK.

We checked in yesterday and today, $30 each passport, $10 for fumigating by Agriculture and $10 for health/immigration plus $2.50/day for the privilege of anchoring in their lagoon.

I made pasole and had them over for dinner. First they had had since Mexico.

There maybe internet here but no WiFi. Tomorrow we'll go to the one store that will accept American dollars and give change in New Zealand dollars. They want us to pay all these fees, but refuse American dollars. Bora Bora bank could not give us New Zealand dollars, so it is a catch 22.

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