Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bora Bora

We decided to stay en extra few days because the guy running the Bora Bora Yacht Club, Rapa, said he was going to do a Tahitian pit bar-b-que. He changed it to a regular grill bar-b-que though. It was good. He also had the restaurant put on a special Chinese dinner last Saturday night. It sounded really special so we promised to come. When we got there, he just started serving us. I t was really good and lots of nice dishes. Then when we were done, he brought the bill. $90 for the two of us and a
beer, bottle of water and a mi tie for Trinda!!! A little surprised, but I guess there won't be any more restaurants for a while.

Trinda asked for a stalk of bananas and he found one (for free) and all he gave us a bag of fresh home grown tomatoes. Trinda took a couple of Hershey bars back for his kids. We promised to stop by next year when we come back. We told Rapa about Raraka and he said "You went there?". He saw so surprised because no one goes there. He thought Trinda was special.

They have a high speed catamaran taxi from the main dock in Bora Bora to the airport. It runs every half hour or so. It is free, so we decided to go to the airport and have a cup of coffee and back just for the ride. Another "photo op". It was a nice day.

We went to the Gendarme to get our final checkout and he looked at the papers "our agent" filled out. He said we couldn't leave yet cause we were supposed to leave on 2 Aug. I tried to argue with him, but he spoke no English. He found a janitor that did, so I explained what I wanted, to him. He said OK, fine, but, just stood there. So I asked him to explain it to the Gendarme. He tried, but I don't think he did it right cause he still wouldn't check us out.

Then we went on to get some groceries. $300 for just a little. I wonder if the Line Islands and Penrhyn will be as expensive.

We went to the fuel dock. We only used 90 liters (20 gal) since Tahiti in both the engine and watermaker. They had a 100 liter minimum, so we filled both big jugs we got in Mexico. $250 for diesel and gas! $.80 a liter for diesel and $2 a liter for gas. We did get the duty free discount for the diesel but not for gas.

So, we are all ready to go.

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