Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bora Bora to Penrhyn - Day 1

We finally checked out and left Bora Bora.
We put the dinghy up on deck and washed all the slime off the bottom and sand and mud from the inside. Its now rolled up on the fore deck, hopefully safe for the passage.

It was tough saying "Good bye, See ya somewhere, sometime." to all the friends we've made so far. Most of the folks are headed for Tonga and New Zealand from here. Only two or three are going north, although several said they thought of it, or wished they had time to do it again.

We motored out of the pass with Jeff and Kathi on Bold Spirit. We put up all the sails and had a "photo opportunity". When we get some where there is internet, maybe I will remember to post some of them. We plan to sail along with them to Penrhyn. After we got the pictures, we shut off the engine and started trying to sail. No good. There is only 4 knots of wind. I see Jeff put up his spinnaker, so I start pulling sails down and put up ours too, but leave the main and mizzen. Still no good. Finally
I drop all but the spinnaker and we're off. Now making about 3.5 knots. Bora Bora is still a big mountain behind us. Oh Well, I thought it might take 6 days ....

No fish coming out through the pass, and none here either yet! It would be nice to catch a big tuna or something. We haven't had much fish for a while.

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