Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Penrhyn - Coconut cabs fishing and computers

I need to print a retraction about the coconut crab!! They are great. Joe brought a real one by this morning. It looks nothing like the crab Trinda and I caught at Rangaroa. It looked more like a giant spider, complete with a backend similar to an ant. But it still has big claws on the front legs and tiny ones on the back two legs. It is a strange looking crab. It turned bright red when cooked, just like a crab should. (The sand crabs stayed white when cooked.) It did have coconut oil floating around
inside as I tore it apart. It tastes much better than the sand crabs we ate. As good as dongeness or even better. I forgot to take a picture of it. Maybe in tomorrow night we will get to go on a hunt for them too, And I'll get some pictures then.

I went fishing tonight. Joe's father, Sedik, picked me up at 7PM just after dark. We went out to the coral head next to our boat and anchored. He said I didn't need anything, he had it all. All was a 10 foot bamboo pole with 10 feret of line and two 3 foot porles with 18 inches of line and a hook each.
He thew the long line in a couple of times with no bait on the hook and caught a 6 inch red snapper (maybe). then said he would bait my hook. He poceeded to bite the chin off one of the fish he just caught and put that on my hook. It worked great. In 30 minutes we caught about 30 fish.

I left the front hatch open and the computer on while I was cooking supper night before last. As you would guess, it started raining and I forgot all about the computer!!! It filled the keyboard with water. But that is not the worst. I took it apart and tried to dry it out. I have some contact cleaner that is mostly alchol so I thought I'd soak it good with that and it would get all the water out.....It says on the side of the can, "safe for most plastics".....Well, I put the keyboard back on and
was just starting to test it when a key top poped off! Then another... I smelled the acetone like smell of the contact cleaner and realized that it was eating the key tops! I quickly took it back off and ran to the sink where i rised it thourly in fresh water (again). Now for 2 days I have been trying to get the water out of the keyboard. The off onn switch doesn't work and various letters suddenly go "auto repeat", but I think it may eventually dry out and mostly work....Another $800 down the drain!
Arggg. I keep loosing money faster than it comes in.

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  1. Yum! The crabs sound good. Greetings from Tucson. It's been fun tracking your adventure. Great monsoons here. 8 inches of rain in the past month. Have fun!
    Neil, Maria, Max, and Ben (and Nacho and Foxy)