Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bora Bora to Penrhyn - Day 5

119 mile to go
Still slowly heading NW at 3 knots. Lots of small rain squalls steeling the wind. As they approach, the wind builds to 15 then as they pass it drops to 0 for a while then back to 5 to 10. And then again.

We ran the spinnaker til sundown yesterday, then the wind changed to the NE so we had to take it down. Now it is back from the E, but too inconsistent for it.

We bought some frozen bread, ready to bake, in Bora Bora and this morning tried it. It is purty good, excelent in that I didn't have to kneed it myself!

Still not a hit on either fishing line. I can't figure out where the fish are.

We seem to be adjusting to the night shifts OK. We are in better spirits yesterday and this morning than previously.

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