Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dinghy Finished!

Well there it is, finished, but still sitting on Bobot's back porch. After we finished the green, I read the instructions again on the paint. "Allow a maximum of 48 hours to air dry before use." Oh darn!!! I think that means minimum, but two more days! Oh well. That was yesterday.

Trinda went with me today to screw on the protective plates where the engine mounts. She met the guys' wives and saw a 'squatter village' perched on stilts 50 yards from shore.

The Seuz Green is not quite the dark forest green I thought the spilled one looked like. The Topcoat Yellow is not quite the lemon yellow I thought but the White is white. It has glass beads in the white to make non-skid so we won't slip getting in or out. I think I'll love it even though it doesn't quite match the Katie Lee. No more pumping up the self-deflating inflatable!

Yellow and priner. Right is the 'sidewalk' to town, maybe 50 yards. Molong's house is the first right, behind the little girl and 2 doors down.

Green bottom. notice the sea only a couple feet below. Don't drop anything!

The removabel seat covering the 'dry storage' is in Molong's house across the 'sidewalk'.

Shiny white with the glass beads. Anchor locker up front. Entrance to Bobot's 'boarding rooms' above.

Holes in bow are for the painter, two, so if I am towing it, I can tie 2 ropes so it doesn't get away!

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