Thursday, February 2, 2012

Coron Market and Molong

On the way to the market we went by where we are finishing the dinghy so Trinda could see it and meet the wives of the guys.
Molong and family

Three neighbor ladies who giggled and talked in Tagaloga all while we worked. They seemed to enjoy watching us.
There is not a regular grocery store here at all. This the the front of the Tourism Office and a plaza. The public market is in the alley. Trinda didn't really want her picture taken. The market has drygoods, vegetables, and meat (chicken, pork, lots of fish and sometimes beef). Smells like you would expect with no refrigeration with this variety!
Entrance to public market, Coron.

Buying chyote green on left and bananas.

Most of the good veggies seem to be shipped in from Manila. Beans, bokchoy, tomatoes and the like are grown locally.

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