Friday, February 10, 2012

Island Hop Snorkel Trip

We took an Ishlan Hopping Tour, that turned out to be a snorkeling trip. We went to 5 locations and swam or snorkeled at each one. At the first one, the camera got water inside and quit working so not many pictures.

It has dried out and seems to work some now, but I think my camera days are numbered. Two couples on a bangka headed for Seven Sisters Islands Park.

Next we went to an inland lake. Trinda actually hiked (climbed) up 75 steps to go over the ridge and down into the lake. It was really clear, but with almost no sea life.

Then on to Twin Lagoons where we snorleked under a low land bridge into the second lagoon. It had so much fresh water in layers in the salt water that it was difficult to see underwater with the masks.

Next was a stop on a white sand beach where the boys on the bangka grilled fish and pork for lunch. We rested and waded on the beach.

One of the WWII wrecks is just off the beach at the next place. The bow was maybe 10 feet down, but sloped off so much we could only see 30 or 40 feet of it. Lots of coral grow on these wrecks.

Last was a public island with a beach. By then we were tired, so Trinda and I sat on the bangka while the other (young) couple waded and played on the beach.

It was a nice day. Too bad no more pictures, the hike into the lake was really neat.
Seven Sisters Islands over the bangka

A strange fish Trinda caught a photo of

At first I thought it was a piece of cloth, but the black thing is growing there

Unusual coral

Our first blue soft coral

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