Monday, January 30, 2012

Coron Harbor, Palawan

Ok, here is looking from the boat, from right to left in Coron Harbor. I started taking these pictures because of the clouds on the mountain. The town of Coron is actually on Busuanga Island instead of Coron Is. There is a fresh water lake up the end of the fjord. We plan to go see it when the dinghy is finished. We are a long way from shore because of the shallow reef from the commercial dock to the market. Then buoys for the dive boats close.

This is one of the premier ship wreck diving locations in the world they say. During WWII, the US did a lot of high surveys and then came in all at once and sunk all the Japanese ships hiding here. We have not even gone snorkeling yet so can't comment on the visibility. By the boat it ain't that good. The water maker pre-filters stop up fairly quickly.

Coron Island behind the catamaran.

Coron Fjord is behind the sharp pointed peaks in the foreground. 

Busuanga Island and the main commercial dock at the edge of town.

The town open market and bangka dock.

The rest of town.

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