Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Couple More Days Work

Next step, add the stern seat and the bow step/flotation box. The hole is the anchor locker. Bobot didn't want to leave all the C-clamps for temptation, and the epoxy was not curing fast enough, so we put bronze screws in the inside handrail.

Luloy adding screws to the inside hand rail.
Today we finished the bow and stern seats and supports. Then the plugged the screw holes and started on the center seat box support.

The self bailer may be a bit large. It is 1 1/2 PVC with a push in plug on the inside. It was a reducer fitting. I am epoxying an eye-bolt for a handle where the smaller part of the reducer would go.If that doesn't work so well, the outboard end is a 1 1/2 pipe thread I could screw in a regular plug.

Got to remember to put on the wheel brackets and lift rings before we seal the stern seat/flotation box!

Then finishing the day we finished the top of the bow.

Really getting to look like a dinghy now.

Trinda made a really nice pork roast for supper. I've been being picked up by Bobot in his bangka every day about 10. The workshop in the photos is only about a quarter mile away, but with not much dinghy, it seems a long way. He brings me back about 5. Long day for me. Good thing Trinda is nice enough to cook while I'm on the way back!


  1. Yes it is starting to look like a real Dinghy. Will you current motor push it OK? Do you have a planned color scheme?

    Had these guys used this method before?

    According to you third sentence, is the name of the Dinghy, "Temptation"?


  2. No, to keep the clamps from being stolen! No name for the dinghy. I think the carpenter plans to quit before the paint! That's a contract with out adequate work description!