Saturday, January 28, 2012

More Dinghy Photos

After this we moved the dinghy to Bobot's back porch to finish the painting. The open shed at Carbon is too accessible to everyone and we got lots of "Gee, that is a nice looking speed boat!" so I thought it might be safer.

Also, the carpentry is all done, so just Mulong is going to help me finish the painting. He doesn't have a boat to get to Carbon so we needed it closer. I will have to pump up the rubber one to get to shore and his house to finish. I hope it will only be 3 more days. one for each coat of paint to dry.

Gluing on the keel.

Bobot, Mulong and Luloy glassing in the last two seats.

First coat of epoxy primer.

Waiting for primer to dry.

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