Saturday, June 18, 2011


I was thinking of an update, but then I have no new photos. But I guess I could just type. Ha ha!
So, things are going along. Maybe I was a little premature in giving a months notice to the apartment. Oops! I don't think we'll be ready to move back next Sunday like planned. There is no new varnish inside yet. And no white paint except inside the lockers. All the windows are out, waiting to pickup new glass next Saturday.

I almost finished plumbing the fuel tanks today. I've had a 3-way valve for them in the parts bench for maybe 6 years. About time! The new battery box has the paint drying and will be in Monday.

Finally they started stripping the varnish in the back bedroom. Trinda's requirement was "no paint fumes in the bedroom or I'm not moving back yet". But I don't think they qare moving fast enough.

Didi, a Swiss guy, bought a 'project boat' next to us. He needs a crane to lift it out and onto stands so he can re-work the bottom (and more). I plan to share his crane to put the masts back. That may be scheduled next week, which would also interrupt us for a day also. I will have to see about extending the apartment or find another place to camp-out a couple weeks! (good thing Trinda doesn't read the blog!)

Trinda is off on an all-day bus trip with her friend Lisa today. Her mother live about 50 miles south of here, two one hour bus rides each way. Her mother is keeping two of her daughters to attend school there. They went to see about buying the school uniform. The school year in the Philippines runs from June to March.

Also the replacement debit and credit cards came finally. I'm back in the money, except, Ohh, no money in the bank to need a debit card for!! Feeling broke, though only $16000 for almost 3 months of 5 -7 guys and lots of epoxy and paint. I keep hoping we're nearly done!

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