Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some New Windows In

We got the new safety glass cut to size and I finally found the super caulking for them. This is "SikaFlex 255 Extra" also known as "Automobile Windshield Adhesive". It wasn't expensive, just hard to find for sale. I had to argue with the local Toyota Paint & Body shop to get them to tell me their supplier.

So these are the starboard windows in , but not yet cleaned up and painted.

These are the port windows with the epoxy filler and wood reseal, reshaped ready for the new windows. No more leaks! Or else!
Of course I bought one less tube of the magic stuff than we need, so off to town in the morning to get one more. And other stuff, it never seems to end.

Louie has just finished the top coat on the whit and masked the teak getting ready to spray the varnish on.

An update on Trinda, its not ALL about the boat... Well anyway she had a mosquitoe bite that wasn't healing. She kept scratching it and it started bleeding a lot. Finally it got Big, larger than a pencil eraser. She went to the local doc and found out it was an infected mole and he cut it out. A little scary but she seems OK. Antibiotics and pain killers for a week or so. Back to change dressing tomorrow evening and the stitches out next week. He cut out more than a marble size chunk.


  1. New windows are looking good. I saw your comment about the three way fuel valve, It is about time you got it put in. Mow make sure it does not leak.

  2. hh!!thanks for your reply..I was actually thinking of teaching in a school. i did see about the conditions that are there in the islands,i can adjust with any sort of conditions, and i am ready to help people!!.
    And if it not teaching for me, is there any other work where i can contribute..ah may be joining you in your yatch,,lol?? eagerly waiting !!!

  3. Aloha Larry and Trinda,
    A real makeover for Katie Lee. She looks terrific!
    Try to keep the bottom of the boat floating at all times. Draft 6 feet. Stay in water at least 6 feet deep. You seem to need this lesson.
    Aloha Spike