Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Guys

This is Michael laminating some 'nara' wood strips for the mounting plates for the new LED light fixtures. It comes in a lighter color and a reder color but the grain is not very pronounced. So I suggested we alternate the strips, light and red to give a little more interest to the desk tops and maybe we'll match the light fixtures.

This is the first test run at the mount.

Louie has been doing lots of painting. 2 coats of epoxy primer then a topcoat of linear polyurethane, all brilliant white. These are the boards under the aft birth.

Rico is sanding and varnishing the teak that has been removed from the boat. Here he is putting sanding sealer on the nara laminate for the desk up by the V-birth.

Temy is the carpenter. After fitting all the new homemade gelcoat/fiberglass ceiling panels, he is putting teak quarter-rounds around the edges to hold them up. We will have to take them back down to install the new light wiring and finish painting the white interior. He is sitting in the V-birth. The white is finished here but the teak is not re-varnished yet.

The Galley. The old marble top and sink are ready to go back, but I am trying to re-plumb the fresh water system before gluing the top over to make it harder to reach.

The old settee fuel tank is cleaned and painted with zinc-chromate primer/rust preventative but not screwed down yet. We had to take out the battery box, so a new one will be shaped for easier access to the remaining storage here.

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