Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Rides

We went back to Danao with Denny. We wandered around some so ...
We took tricycle to town, then maybe hubba-hubbas (a motorcycle with a seat long enough for three) across town and finally pedicabs back to a restaurant.

I had the camera so I didn't get in the photos.


  1. Trinda & Larry, All the best to y´all from Mexico! We´re fine and hoping to see s/v Katie Lee in Mexican waters sometime soon...any plans?? Actually, we would like to catch up with her over there..please do drop a line and let us know how it´s going!

    Fair Breezes,
    Roberto & Coco--s/v Mare Nostrum

  2. Keep up the good work!!

    Roberto & Coco,
    s/v Mare Nostrum