Thursday, March 17, 2011

Arrived Port Carmen

We arrived in Port Carmen about 11:00AM. Looked at the work yard and all. Looks like we can have a full crew working on the boat for about $6/day each. Even craftsmen, not just laborers.

We have several projects that need doing, The fuel tank seems to have rusted a hole in the bottom. The catch is it is under the floor in the galley. That means cut out the galley, sink stove and floor. Then figure out how to get the bad tank out and put in a new one. It could be made from mild steel, stainless or fiberglass/epoxy. I have no idea yet!!!,
Next the deck seems to be getting soft under the mast steps. ASo take off the masts, cut open the fiberglass deck and see what's wrong then fix it.

Last Trinda wants to finish removing the teak decks and fiberglass over it all. Plus painting it.

All that does not include the finish re-varnishing the interior and varnishing the wood outside.

I guess its only money, but this maybe the cheapest place around to do it. Most of the work is only labor!

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