Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 Days in a Marina

We checked into the Cebu Yacht Club for their 10 day special, $100 for the first 10 days in the country, then $125 for the next 7 days then $65 per day after that.

We have had guys working on the boat the whole 10 days at $12/day seemed too good to be true. Even got the bottom scrubbed for $15 and it was really bad. We have sanded the bulwarks and toe rail to be varnished (Cetol, Trinda says) and the remaining doors stripped so we can sand and re-varnish them. Also the stainless is polished and the deck scrubbed.

Yesterday we bought a membership in a CostCo affiliate here called H&R Shopping. Even has the orange shelves and the table with the pickle relish and onions for the hot-dogs! We even spent about the same our first trip. PP 13,000 which at 41 pesos/dollar is too much! No wonder we're broke!

We plan to check out of the marina tonight and head up to Port Carmen tomorrow morning.

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