Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In the Philippines

We made it alive and well, sorta. Trinda was seasick the whole 5 days and has lost a little weight! Wednesday to Monday, 587 miles and 70 hours on the engine.

We had a bit of wind, mostly 25 on the beam, which Auto, the pilot, doesn't like at all! Thus we motor-sailed much of the way on the $.61/gal diesel from Palau! We hear it will be cheaper here.

We Tried to anchor at the first island, Lajanosa, but the big ocean swells wrapped around the whole island so we came on in to Sohutan Bay on Bucas Grande Island and rested a day, yesterday afternoon and today! We still plan to go on to Port Carmine, about 20 miles N of Cebu City, maybe tomorrow.

Had a steak for lunch and plan a homemade pizza for supper! This "no-eating-cause-the-waves-are-too-big" is hard on the waist line!!

(by radio: haven't found an internet yet)


  1. What did you pay for fuel there? IT shows $.61/gal. sixty one cents?

  2. That was supposed to be $4.61/gal. Fat fingers!
    It's 48.9pesos/liter here at 43 pesos/dollar. Maybe a little cheaper.