Monday, August 10, 2009

I try not to take too many sunset pictures, but I couldn't resist this one. This is in the lagoon at Majuro, looking west from the anchorage. There are always several purse seiners anchored here. They fish till full, 70 to 100,000 tons of tuna, then unload them into a freezer ship (left) then backout again. Many have a small helicopter for searching or the big schools of tuna. But they make for an interestiing sunset.

Patlyn and her sister, Rajiene and a friend came to visit Trinda with birthday presents. Saturday I went to their aunt's house here where they are staying and fixed her sewing machine. It was just dirty.

Monday I tried to fix another sewing machine. I twas for Davide and Louise, missionaries from Tennessee. It had stripped the gears and they put in new ones but needed help with the re-timing it. Unfortunately they had stripped one more gear than they thought. I got it timed, but the feed gear doesn't feed the cloth. They'll have to get another new gear.

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