Saturday, August 22, 2009

Generator - watermaker working again

It only took 2 1/2 days to get the new pump installed, but it is working again. It should not have taken so long, but I decided to move the pump a few feet and that meant new hoses and wire to the pump. I had the generator working I thought. Then I turned on the high pressure pump for the watermaker and it sucked full of air! The last half day was trying to find the air leak in the new hose. I first thought that it must be an automatic, electric valve had quit, so I took it apart and cleaned it, but no, it still leaked. It turned out that I didn't tighten the hose clamps tight enough.

Trinda has had a rash for the past couple of months. She thought it was just heat rash. It finally got bad enough that I convinced her to go th the doctor. She was right, just heat rash. He did give her a steroid cream to use for 10 days though. Only $17 to visit a private doctor in a clinic. She asked about her prescriptions too. He couldn't give her the medicine. Said she had to go to the hospital. $17 for a hospital visit also. And they filled her 3 prescriptions free. It is curious that the prescriptions had the price on the label. One month of each is all they give at a time, but they added up to $117, but we didn't have to pay it? I guess it is a sort of socialized medicine.

She also asked to have her glaucoma checked. They have no machines here, not even the little air puff one. That is the result of socialized medicine! They also have a barometric chamber, for treating divers with the bends and burn patients. They have had it more than a year, but it has never been installed properly so it can't be used yet. No one will come here and finish the install because they bought it with grant money, but half from two different companies. They have very little in the way of facilities, for all the millions of dollars that US and foreign tax dollars have been donated.

The doctor was shocked at the state of her glaucoma damage. He wants to see the reports from her specialist from 2000 in Seattle. We have a copy here on the boat, so no problem. Since he has no equipment he suggested we go to Hawaii or the Philippines for a complete exam. After he reviews her papers next week we'll see what he thinks then. He did say that the "extra holes the drilled" were still open and clear, but he put her on eye drops in the mean time.

We thought we were on the other side of the world, but the Philippines are still 3000 miles further west! Hawaii is 1800 miles east and Seattle is 4000 miles east. Of course there are no cheep airline seats anywhere from here.

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