Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Things are better each day. The arm and leg are doing much better, although still a little tender. We are thinking of going to the other side of this atoll tomorrow, if the weather cooperates.

We had a boat over for beer night before last, Erinmore. Then we went over to Amazing Grace for cocktails last night and off to Erinmore this afternoon for "Poisson cru de coco" ovr d'erves. It is a local speciality. It is raw fish with lime, coconut cream carrots and tomatoes. Trinda even likes it!

We took a tour of the pearl farm here this morning. It should be called the express peral shopping guide, as it ended in the pearl store, of course. Trinda couldn't resist a beautiful necklace. It is a black string with two green pearls and a silver clasp. It is "casual" and actually really nice.

I caught a fish off the side of the boat and was not sure it was eatable, but there was a local in a small boat close, so I too it over and showed it to him. He said it was good as Possion cru or even on the barbee. I got back to the boat and cleaned it. Then immediately dropped the fish net over the side. Good thing we are still only in 35 feet of water! I put on the snorkel and fins and retrieved it the second try. While I was down there, a largish shark swam by, I think he had just cleaned up
the mess from me cleaning the fish, as there was no evidence of it anywhere. I got out as quickly as I could.

The wind has quit. The trade winds blow almost constantly from the east about 15 miles/hr. but the last 2 days it has been absolutely calm most of the time. It is warm, but the water is clear and blue.

After the pearl farm, we stopped by the fanciest hotel here (right on the beach next to us) and had a "pina collada". $15 US, but had fresh coconut graded on top. It was really nice.

No word from the Gendarme about the wallet. I'm loosing hope.

We thought we had the car in San Carlos taken care of... Seems the guy that promised to take it to Tucson for us, failed to get it started and a mechanic told him it needed a starter. He left it! And went on home to San Diego. Now the storage yard wants me to come by in June and move it! Any body want to go to San Carlos and retrieve a car?

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