Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rangiroa - Last day

We motor sailed back to the main anchorage in the northeast part of Rangiroa. It was a nice round trip. The wind has filled back in. It has blown 15 to 20 constantly for the last 4 or 5 days. Still no word from the Gendarme about anyone turning in my credit cards or ID.

Looks like it is time to go to Tahiti.

We have enjoyed Rangiroa, playing the social butterfly the last few days. We had cocktails back an forth with two boats, Erinmore and Amazing Grace, and exchanged suppers with another, Bold Spirit. They made spaghetti and I made Yakasoba noodles. We also had toasted coconut. A very nice change of flavor.

It should be a 2 day run to Tahiti as it is about 200 miles. The pass entrance has everyone concerned. The high and low tide cause a significant current to flow in and out each time it changes, but it doesn't match the tide very well. The current is off by several hours from the tide.

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