Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rangiroa still

We took Donnie to the airport yesterday, by dinghy about 3 miles. There is a landing just in front of it. Afterward, we took the dinghy on the rest of the way to the northwest pass. The airport is in the middle of the 6 mile long motu. On the way back in the dinghy my wallet fell out of my pocket. Yes, AGAIN! Today I decided to walk the beach and look for it. After a couple of miles, I was walking a seawall and slipped. I don't think I broke my arm, but it sure hurts as does an ankle and thigh. I
could not finish looking for the wallet (just a baggie with my ID, credit cards and too much money again, as we had just been to the bank).

It may be a couple of days yet before I can hoist the sail. So we are here some time longer.

The water is really clear, Donnie and I played with the dive board quite a bit. The dive board is just like snorkeling the pass, except there is not much current. I dropped my glasses off the boat, so we went diving twice, just around the boat. Trinda too. It was fun. We are anchored in 40 feet of water and there are some 15 foot coral heads all around behind us, so there was lots to look at right here.

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