Friday, June 8, 2007

Rangiroa - day something

We have been enjoying this place. Today we went diving twice, all three of us under the boat for a while then Donnie and I again.

We bought some vegetables, a small box for $70! But they look good and the grapes are really special. We got a few persimmons. It seems to cut like an apple, a little crisp but sweet.

There are several boats here that we have anchored with before, Miss Jody, Amazing Grace, Oasis and Cyan.

Yesterday we re-sewed the protective cover on the roller-furling sail. It had snagged on the spreader bars and ripped some. It took all day to take it down and sew it. We finished putting it back early this morning before the wind got up much.

.The day before yesterday we snorkeled around the entrance pass.

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