Friday, July 17, 2009

Tarao, Maloelap

Trinda used up the rest of her blow-pops here. The kids and even most of the adults got one.

I fixed a starter rope on the MIMRA fishing boat. They are an organization to help the outer islands with boats, and resources for fishing and stuff I think. Probably spelled it wrong. Here they have a refrigerated container and an ice maker. But no fuel to run it. The island is out of gasoline, diesel and tabaco.

The ladies group of the church had a welcoming ceremony for us. They gave us a bunch of coconuts, papia, boiled pandanis fruit, etc.

Trinda took another batch of beads ashore yesterday and helped the kids and some ladies make earrings, bracelets and such. Didn't go through quite as many beads as at Aur though.

We had the local constable and his family out for lunch today. Spaghetti with fish meatballs, garlic toast from local bread, apricot cobbler and chocolate pudding. They took the recipe for the cobbler with them as well as the remaining cobbler and spaghetti.

I have been asked to fix a generator tomorrow. and to watch Reverend Col sail his model outrigger canoe. Should be fun.

We hope to leave Monday back to Majuro. I was asked to stop back in Aur for a passenger or two. Haven't decided yet.

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