Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Aur to Majuro

We went back to Tobal, Aur, just 30 some miles south of Maloelap to pick up our 1 or 2 passengers. They all wanted to come with us, but we drew the line at 3. Then they started asking more and a friend from the last trip said, "Please, my wife too". I said OK and then he has a son too! We really drew the line at 5. A guy turned up with a bad tooth ache and a dentist appt., so one daughter got traded for the tooth ache.

I sold the last of my dinghy gasoline (5 1/2 gal) to the chief and the doctor and we started loading up. Between them the said "Only one box of cargo.", they don't count suitcases or handicrafts! We had 4 suitcases and a 2x3x4 plastic container, PLUS the one box! Oh well, it was fun.

I asked for a stalk of bananas, kinda for the fare and they brought coconuts, breadfruit and squash. Even a couple of handicrafts for Trinda. A wall hanging about 18" diameter woven of the treated palm and pandanas leaves.

We left at 1:00 PM, thru the pass by 3:) and motoring with no wind till after supper. The wind finally filled in and a nice smooth sail til around 3AM. A big rain squall with 30 knot winds then it died completely. we motored the rest of the way. Reached the pass at Majuro at sunup, then motored the 12 miles in to the buoy.

Trinda made fried breadfruit chips, rice pancakes and fried SPAM for supper. They really liked it. Then they made fried (previously roasted) pork and more SPAM for breakfast. At least I got to eat!

John on Hawkeye helped with the mooring and then hauled half of the people and stuff ashore.

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