Sunday, July 19, 2009

Heading Back Toward Majuro

We had a really nice time here in Tarao, but running out of supplies. We are planning to start back in the morning.

The folks from Aur called on the radio and asked if we would stop by and sell the remainder of our gas and take a passenger back to Majuro. I guess we will. So plan to head for Tobal, Aur tomorrow morning then on to Majuro the next day and night.

Maybe I can get some pictures posted when we get back.

The model sailing was neat. It really zipped. He took it out on the reef in a bay on the ocean side of the island and let it sail back toward the beach.

The constable, Zacharias, wife Balinda, daughter Yomiko, and his other two kids really enjoyed the day on the boat. They boiled a couple more coconut crabs for us as a surprise yesterday. Really good lunch! Today He and I walked around the island to look at some of the Japanese artifacts left from the war. one was an antique Yanmar Diesel! An old single cylinder, must have been 12" bore! More airplane parts and lots of cement. The Americans really bombed the heck out of this place!

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