Thursday, May 14, 2009

School is Out!

I just turned in the grades for my classes! School is over. One class has invited their teachers to a picnic Tuesday. I failed 3 of them, but we still plan to go to it. Their final project was to create a blog. Most of them did. The example with links to their blogs is at . Now to see how long it takes to get paid...

Trinda has been working on re-sewing the canvas around the dodger. It was mostly 10 years old and no longer waterproof. It is a big job, the top, two side curtains, and new zippers for the back. Plus she changed the size of the side windows so she had to make patterns for the curtains.

I have sorta put in a proposal to fixup the college's network but I haven't heard anything back yet. If we don't hear soon we may take a trip to some outer island for a while.

Tomorrow is my birthday...the big six oh!.. I can't believe it! We plan to rent a car with Hawkeye and tour the island for the day. Should be fun. Got to remember to charge the camera. Ha!

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