Sunday, December 14, 2008

Preparing to leave Tarawa

We finally to around to repairing the sail today. We plan to start the check out procedures so we can go to Abaiang Wed. We also plan to go on to Butaritari after just a few days there. Maybe spend Christmas in Butaritari with some other boats. Then on to Majaro, Marshals.

To check out here we need to write letters requesting permission top stop at the outer islands to both immigration and customs. Then we'll find out about our passports I guess.

Yesterday we went to Elizabeth and William's and showed Eli how to make the wacky cake. She had tried it on Christmas after we left but she said it didn't turn out right. When she saw the measuring cups and spoons, she said" Oh that's how much a1 cup is. I see!" It is somewhat hard to follow American recipes if you have never seen American measuring stuff before I guess. She wanted the cake for her niece's 1st birthday party. They also bought a big fancy commercial cake from a local baker here,
but it was a typical store cake.... not very tasty.

It was a VERY fancy party. It didn't start until almost 8 PM. They had an MC to announce everything. There were a local dance group that presented a small cake to her and did some traditional dances, a tai kwn doe demo and a group of local boys ( uncles of the baby some) that did a Hip Hop demo dance. All carefully corea graphed of course!

They had 2 whole roasted pigs and lots of other food. It was quite a party. They mostly celebrate the 1st and 21st birthdays, but just little family parties for the rest.

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