Monday, December 22, 2008

Arrival Majuro Marshall Islands

A long slow passage, but nothing broke this time...Maybe it has to do with the wind!

We had very little wind the whole trip. Twice during rain squalls we got to 30 knots, the rest of the time it stayed below 13. We had one 30 mile day due to almost no wind all day. We finally motor sailed the last part for a total of 24 hours on the motor. They tell me diesel here is only $2.90/gal so maybe it wasn't as expensive as I was thinking. We get better than 1 hour for .9 gal

We left the fishing pole out and drug it almost all the way. Trinda did catch a fish!!! But is was a small (18") barracuda looking thing so we threw him back. On the last day wile we were bobbing around in circles, waiting for the wind, the line got caught in the prop and broke off. So we lost the lure. The fish are still ahead!

There is supposed to be WiFi here in the anchorage, but we had to anchor too far away to get it so far. We'll see later.

There are buoys here to leave boats on, but they're all full right now. As soon as we figure out when we can get one and figure out the flights we'll see about coming home for 6 weeks or so. I think the plane only comes once a week, maybe Sundays.

We hear that we are soon to be grand parents again! Yea Guy and Amanda! We are hoping for another boy (like we had a choice any way).

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