Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No News is Good News??

Still no word from the authorities here.

We went to Konnang's house, Borau's aunt Saturday and made spaghetti. They seemed to like it fine. Trinda also took a cake. It definitely was a hit.

Sunday we went to the other folks house, Tamoli who is Rubis' aunt from Fanning. We had a nice day. Another cake. We had breadfruit fixed a new way. It was boiled with sugar, drained then coconut cream added and boiled again. It was sweet with the consistency and color of banana pudding, but no banana taste. It was good!

Their house is at the opposite end of the road on this island. It must be near 20 miles with speed bumps every 200 feet. We got an old bus (9 passenger mini-van) that had bad shocks. We had the very back seat and needless to say my back is still very sore. Monday was a Holiday(human rights day and maybe Guadalupe's Day for Catholics) so we just laid around the boat. Then Tuesday the same with no excuse.

We had an afternoon cocktail with the other boats. 3 of the 6 here left the next morning and the other two are leaving as soon as the wind changes, maybe tomorrow. They are mostly headed for the Marshals too. I'm still amazed that so few of them have made friends with the islander the way we have. They stop and take the tourist tour and move on????

Today I went top town by myself and shopped for boat parts, a pressure switch for the fresh water pump and a spare fuse for the watermaker engine. I forgot the pipes for the watermaker engine exhaust though.

Friday we'll go to Elizabeth's to teach her how to make the wacky cake. We gave her the recipe in Christmas Island, but she said it didn't turn out right. We' try again. She has invited us to a 1st birthday party Saturday evening and wants to take Trinda's cake!

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